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Review of Economics and Statistics, 93(3), 907-919, 2011
Evolution and Human Behavior 33(4), 285-290, 2012
European Journal of Political Economy, 28(3), 313-323, 2012
Public Choice 156, 443-465, 2013
European Economic Review, 81, 86–102, 2016


The Global Gap in Labor Income (with Tewodros Gebrewolde)
The Wounds That Do Not Heal: The Life-time Scar of Youth Unemployment (with Gianni De Fraja and Sara Lemos)
Negative Voters: Electoral Competition with Loss Aversion (with Ben Lockwood)
Causal Effects of Industrial Policy in Developing Countries: Evidence from Ethiopian Manufacturing Firms (with Tewodros Gebrewolde)
Replaces Leicester DP1607, April 2016
Losing Money on the Margin (with Daniel Ladley and Guanqing Liu)
Inequality in an Equal Society (with Laura Harvey and Jochen Mierau)
LWS WP 26, Updated November 2017
Party Formation and Competition (with Dan Ladley)
Leicester DP 10-17, March 2014 (Being Revised)
Who is Left-Wing and Who Just Thinks They Are?
Which Democracies Pay Higher Wages (with Miltos Makris)
June, 2010 (Being Revised)




  • For the 2016/17 Academic Year I will be teaching EC3062, 3rd Year Undergraduate Time Series Econometrics, and EC1011 First Year Undergraduate Probability Theory.
  • In previous years I also taught courses on Sampling and Inference, and was responsible for Undergraduate Dissertations.
  • Leicester Students can find further details on Blackboard