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Review of Economics and Statistics, 93(3), 907-919, 2011
Evolution and Human Behavior 33(4), 285-290, 2012
European Journal of Political Economy, 28(3), 313-323, 2012
Public Choice 156, 443-465, 2013
European Economic Review, 81, 86–102, 2016


The Global Gap in Labor Income (with Tewodros Gebrewolde)
The Wounds That Do Not Heal: The Life-time Scar of Youth Unemployment (with Gianni De Fraja and Sara Lemos)
Negative Voters: Electoral Competition with Loss Aversion (with Ben Lockwood)
Causal Effects of Industrial Policy in Developing Countries: Evidence from Ethiopian Manufacturing Firms (with Tewodros Gebrewolde)
Losing Money on the Margin (with Daniel Ladley and Guanqing Liu)
Inequality in an Equal Society: Theory and Evidence (with Jochen Mierau)
Party Formation and Competition (with Dan Ladley)
Leicester DP 10-17, March 2014 (Being Revised)
Who is Left-Wing and Who Just Thinks They Are?
Which Democracies Pay Higher Wages (with Miltos Makris)
June, 2010 (Being Revised)




  • For the 2016/17 Academic Year I will be teaching EC3062, 3rd Year Undergraduate Time Series Econometrics, and EC1011 First Year Undergraduate Probability Theory.
  • In previous years I also taught courses on Sampling and Inference, and was responsible for Undergraduate Dissertations.
  • Leicester Students can find further details on Blackboard